patience, patience, patience

luck, luck, luck

The slot machine is not for you to get rich.
Each slot machine has a payout percentage that is less than 100%.
Sure, you can still win, but it takes a lot of time and patience.
However You can also win the jackpot from a single spin.

Prohibition is your biggest enemy:

This is when you spin up to a thousand in vain but don’t give in to the bonus.
It is very important to recognize this situation in time because it will eat all your money.

Solution: Reload the game or switch to another game.

The basics

  • Don’t play when you have little money.
  • You play to spin a big prize or enter the bonus for a bigger prize.
  • Machines usually give the bonus between 100-300 spins, so start playing at least a hundred times the minimum bet.
  • You may also not win anything in the bonus because the bonus is not a guarantee of the prize.
  • The more you spin, the more likely you are to win a big prize.
  • You can also win the jackpot from a spin.

In the game

  • You spin a lot at a minimum bet, but that’s not good because you’ll run out of money soon.
  • After a certain spin, you can start raising the bet to enter the bonus with the highest possible bet.
  • When you don’t win anything in the bonus, it’s worth spinning a pair (20-50) on the same higher bet because you will re-enter the bonus many times.
  • When you are on an auto spin and say you spin a hundred on it, stop and raise the bet on the last 2-3 spins because many times you enter the bonus right at the end of the auto spin before you raise the bet and it is very annoying.
  • If you have spun a lot and no bigger prize has come, you can still raise the bet, but as you spin the big prize, go back to the base bet, unless you use the bigger prize to spin the bonus on the higher bet.
  • If you place a lot of prizes in a row on a certain bet, do not raise but spin further unless you have spun a lot and the bonus is likely.

The bonus

  • The goal in the game is to spin the bonus, but this is not a guarantee of winnings.
  • You usually get 20-50x in winnings in the bonus.
  • The 100x payout is already good, but you can spin 500x-1000x payouts in some games from time to time.
  • You will play well if you enter this big prize with a high bet.
  • You have played a lot on a small bet and have already spun 2-4 bonuses with an average win, then raise the bet because the big win is approaching.
  • If the bonus does not come on the bigger bet, take the bet back lower and the bonus will arrive soon (unless you are banned :D)
  • if you run out of money before the bonus comes in, next time you can start playing the same game at a higher stake because there is a good chance you will get the bonus soon.

Intuition, suggestion

There is a conscious and a subconscious part in you.
Thoughts circulate in the conscious part, but this part is superficial, very often suggests false intuitions, during the game he often says that the bonus is coming, the prize is coming, it is more a projection of your desires.
Then sometimes the important info comes from very deep in the subconscious, but you don’t always pay attention to it because the thoughts of the conscious part suppress the important information.
This is always true.
If you pay attention to this and notice it in time and you raise your bet, the bonus or big prize will come in within a few spins.
It is as if your conscious part is constantly chatting and the subconscious only speaks if it has very important, relevant information
Selecting the relevant info from the swirling thoughts is a very important part of a successful game.

Attrackt the prize

The casino game is based on a random generator
There is a series with Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman in which part is about influencing the random generator.
To a very small extent, but you can influence what happens with your thoughts.

  • Think of a lot of same pictures coming in.
  • Think of the 3 biggest figures
  • Think of the scatters and bonus coming

Listen the sounds and think of the sounds that bring in a big prize or bonus.

Chaos Meditation Center

Feed the machine

  • If you roll a big prize on a higher bet, do not go back to the smaller bet immediately, but spin back some of it
  • If you win a bigger one in the bonus, you can also spin a pair on the bigger bet